About Us

With 35 years experience in major sectors, Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse, close to 70 International Pharmaceutical Company operating in Turkey and Importers Companies are companies engaged in drug sales and distributions. The company has a professional staff in the company, in particular Pharmacists. Turkey has a license to carry on the activities of the Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical warehouse supervised by ministry officials at regular intervals. With its wide range of products and our company has a variety of business volume in the four corners of the world, has a legitimate place in the market with its competitive prices in Turkey.

Mission : Liya Farma, together with its employees, provides services inuniversal quality by providing customer satisfaction.

Vision: To plan our future well, to increase our variety of products and services, to expand our activity area and to be an outstanding company preferred by our stakeholders in the sector.

If you do not know where to go, there is no point in where you are.

Peter F.Drucker

Our Priorities

The primary objective of Liya Farma Ecza Deposu is to provide customer satisfaction by offering high quality products at the best prices. Our priority is to make our reliability in the sector permanent by supplying the requested products on time and completely and to be the most preferred drug store in international market. In addition, the cold chain is extremely careful in transport. To serve our customers as a solution partner by analyzing the needs of our customers and to develop our relations with our existing customers in mutual goodwill, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level after the ordering stage, to follow the developments and innovations in the global sector closely and to establish a solid bridge between our customers and suppliers, it is our priorities to follow a determined and sustainable policy to provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our Values

Integrity: We are committed to being open and transparent to our employees, our customers and suppliers in our responsibilities when we do business.

Quality: In our work, quality is one of our most important goals.

Innovation: Maintaining our presence in the sector is the foundation of our success and our development. We aim to be a creator and practitioner of innovation and change that will create value as a company and create difference.

Team Spirit: We are motivated to create quality staff to carry out our responsibilities and awareness that we serve for human health and to ensure that they work effectively and efficiently in a team spirit.

Working in a customer-focused way: To fully understand the needs of our customers, to respond with a broad perspective and to live with customer focus is part of our strategy.

Ethical Work: We are aware that laws, ethical values ​​and in-house procedures related to all attitudes and behaviors will be guided. We are meticulously alerted to all our activities without compromising.

Sustainability: We aim to establish and realize our future as a corporate enterprise based on the ideal and foundation.