Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse is inspected periodically by the Ministry of Health.
Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse consists of areas where products are located in order to protect them from weather conditions, temperature, humidity and similar factors that may pose a threat according to the structure of the product, to store them correctly and to transfer them to the necessary places in the most efficient way.

As Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse, timely and complete product deliveries are made to all over the world. Our professional team acts with knowledge and experience in accordance with world conditions, regional differences and customer standards. Customer satisfaction is always prioritized.

Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse has a lot of experience in cold chain transportation system, which is the ideal method for the transportation of perishable drugs and medical products.

We deliver perishable products safely to any point in the world with the packaging and grading methods we use.

The first-in, first-out (FIFO) method is a technique where the sale or exit of products from the warehouse is made from the oldest available stock. In a perishable scenario, this is the most convenient method as the earliest stock is handled first, thus reducing the risk of perishability.

Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse uses barcode system in products because pharmaceuticals and medical products are sensitive. Thus, the tracking of the products is carried out more conveniently and quickly.

With 35 years experience in major sectors, Liya Farma Pharmaceutical Warehouse, close to 70 International Pharmaceutical Company operating in Turkey and Importers Companies are companies engaged in drug sales and distributions.

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BritainSri LankaAfghanistanFijiMyanmar
ItalySaudi arabiaAzerbaijanPhilippinesNigeria


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